Injex Needle Free Injection


The injex 30 which has revolutionised the healthcare industry and individual patient comfort is similar to the pharmajet and bioject products sold elsewhere. In medical offices, it is used for needle-free injections. In dentistry, it is used for localised anaesthesia. People suffering from diabetes now have a less painful way to take their insulin. And now, men suffering from ed can also benefit from a less painful way to deliver injections. An enormous advantage of the injex30 is its long life. The injector is made of durable stainless steel and is good for approximately 5,000 injections. In addition to its small size (96 mm) and weight (75 g), it comes with a 2 year guaranty.

Injex, healthcare with less pain. Your pain-free, needle free solution for injections. At the doctor’s. At the hospital. At home.

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This product has been replaced by a new and improved needle-free injector – Comfort-in™. Click for more information.