There are many needle-free injection systems out there. Bioject, PharmaJet, Jet Injector, Comfort-in – all claiming to be needle free injection systems. Sadly, many have tried to copy, but have not been able to come up to the quality of Injex 30 – one of the original needle free injection systems. Since it’s invention, governments around the world have approved it. It’s one of the few needle free injection systems to be approved by the FDA in the United States. It’s also approved as a needle free injection system for medicine including insulin in countries like Australia, United Kingdom, and many others. Ask about the Injex today – whether you are looking for needle-free dental work, needle-free beauty, or needle free diabetes medicine like insulin injections without needles.

You can find more info here – needle free injections with Comfort-in™ the successor to the Injex 30 system.

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